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Software development

A driver is one of the essential components of an electronic device. This kind of software is called firmware. Moreover, the systems are often eqippped with additional software components. They include:

  • PC applications
  • Mobile apps
  • Cloud solutions


These programs, written in low-level programming languages, such as C or C++, directly control devices. More advanced systems use the Real Time Operating System (RTOS) or, if deterministic reaction time is not needed, embedded Linux. The distinctive feature of this software is the fact that it uses very small amounts of resources, which often results in the specific constraints. The software is formalized with standards such as MISRA C to ensure high code quality.

MKTronic offers firmware development in C/C++ for electronic devices created by us or other manufacturers.

Mobile apps

Nowadays, hardly any device can be used without a smartphone mobile application. They control electronic devices (and may expand user interface), present data collected by the device or may be a part of a larger ecosystem. Data may be exchanged by Bluetooth, WiFi or GSM communication.

We offer the mobile app creation service to extend the functionality of our devices. We develop software for Android and iOS devices.


PC applications

Advanced devices require additional PC software. Such software is used for advanced data processing, data presentation and device control and may be used when mobile device computing power is not sufficient. MKTronic offers PC software development services to extend the functionality of electronic devices.

Cloud solutions

In an age of the Internet, remote control and monitoring is a standard feature. We provide basic cloud services for simple device status monitoring and advanced deployments. It allows not only for collecting extensive telemetric data from hundreds of devices simultaneously, but also managing their mode of operation and updating firmware remotely. We design solutions using containerization to ensure compatibility with products offered by the best infrastructure provides, such as Google Cloud Platform, Azure, Amazon Web Services. This ensures that the services provided by us are reliable and flexible. Find out more.