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Prototypes and demonstrators


Prototyping is essential step in production of electronic devices. It enables to validate device properties as well as find and fix possible errors. It allows client to check mode of action of the device, so it is possible to make sure if realisation of the original idea is proper. After performing the tests it is possible to change devices specification, its electrical scheme or printed circuit board layout. Creation of the prototype enables also firmware development for the device.

This stage allows to improve electronic device, because physical assembly can reveal non trivial dependencies between components. Moreover it proves that the device is ready for mass production.

MKTronic not only creates prototypes for own needs. It is possible to develop prototype for vitrifaction of clients idea or project.


These are the devices which purpose is to prove the possibility of creation of certain idea or project. They are not created to verify project in the area of mass production. They are very often used to present them to potential investors or clients to get information about products functionalities. Usually only basic functions are implemented just to prove feasibility of idea realisation. Their cost is lower than prototypes, since many limitations like battery work time, size or form of the device can be simplified. Very often breadboards and evaluation boards are used for fast testing. Good example are boards implementing advanced sensors, single board computers like RaspberryPi or Arduino platform.