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Electronics design services

MKTronic offers complete solution for start-ups and industry. Electronic design process is divided into following parts:

  • Preparation of functional specification
  • Preparation of technical specification
  • Electrical schematics design
  • Printed Circuit Board layout design
  • Production documentation preparation
  • Prototyping – prototype testing and production
  • Possible prototype corrections and preparation for mass production

First two of them require close cooperation with the client, others are done by ourselves. It is also worth noting that electronic system development differs in some aspects from software development as it requires creating a physical prototype or finished product. This results in the iterative nature of work.

Moreover, most of the devices need its drivers which is called firmware. It is software which controls the device and is programmed into hardware. About embedded firmware development you can read here.

Preparation of functional specification

It is precise definition of what a device should do, what functionalities it should have and how these would be done. In this point interactions with user actions are defined. Additionally basic assumptions on user interface are made. This documentation should be written on general level, but it should unambiguously define the device behaviour. This stage is carried out in strict cooperation between MKTronic and the client, who is helped to state the  idea precisely.

Preparation of technical specification

Technical specification is created basing on functional specification. It defines hardware solutions which are essential to perform devices distinctive functions. At this stage individual devices peripheries are chosen. These are buttons, displays, outputs, connectors types, enclosure and so on. The device is divided into functional blocks, which allows to perform preliminary cost estimation of the device, its production and hardware development. The specification is approved by the client and it is the basis for the project settlement. It is worth noting that it is possible to change technical and functional specifications after prototype tests.

Electrical schematics design

During this step solely done by MKTronic, individual functional blocks are converted from verbal description into electrical connections between individual, carefully chosen components. At this moment all components which creates electronic device are chosen. For more information click here.

Printed Circuit Board layout design

After electrical schematic design is created the device needs to get physical shape. Physical equivalent of electrical schematic is printed circuit board (PCB) layout. It becomes a base on which not only components are mounted but it provides electrical connections between them. For more information click here.

Production documentation preparation

This step is comparatively short, but crucial to proper electronic device production. In this step MKTronic creates digital files, which ensure physical creation of the device. This files consists of bill of materials (BOM), gerber files for board production and others which are used during assembly of components.

Prototyping and production

The last stage of device creation is PCB etching and soldering on it individual components. After that verification tests which are to prove proper functioning take place. In case of complicated devices stage of testing and making amendments (both functional and design) can take place many times. More on prototyping and production.