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Electronic enclosures

Every device needs its own enclosure. It protects electronics inside from external factors, it is its mounting element and protects user from dangerous voltages. Moreover it creates aesthetic  and general users impressions. It creates the volume to mount screen, buttons and other user interface elements.

Depending on production volume the device enclosure can be created in many ways:

  • use existing enclosure – it is the cheapest and most dost-effective option in small scale production. The most important limitation is finished number of market available enclosures. Sometime it is necessary to adjust enclosure by drilling proper holes, adding text etc.
  • 3D printing – it enables to create own enclosure from scratch, efficient in small and medium volume and specific needs. Vast 3D printing technologies spectrum enables to choose the most cost effective and technically best solution.
  • use own injection mould – the cheapest solution for mass production, enables realisation of almost every idea. The limit is high cost of mould. But modern production methods improves cost efficiency.