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Electrical schematics design

The process of designing electronic or electric device begins with the creation of its electrical schematic based on technical and functional specification. Electrical schematic depicts all components of an electrical system and how they are connected. In the case of more complex systems, electrical schematic is divided into logically or functionally connected blocks. Such schematic allows us to move to the next step – printed circuit board layout design. Correct and well-thought out schematic design is essential for the device to work correctly. All activities at this stage are performed by MKTronic engineers based on data provided by the client. At this stage, we may implement small changes in device specification, which usually do not result in significant cost differences.

We execute projects on the basis of device block diagrams, selected key components or functional or technical specification only. We can also help create functional or technical specifications adapted to client’s needs. Our offer includes also verification of and changes to electrical schematics provided by clients. Designing electrical schematics, MKTronic mainly uses free software – KiCad EDA. If needed, we also use other CAD software – Altium Designer and Eagle.