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Mobile measurement system of surface water

The system consist of small catamaran boat and a remote control console with the possible USB connection with the PC computer. The boat has got two electric motors for propelling and manoeuvring. There is no rudder which could catch easily algae. In the space between two hulls measurement electronics with measurement probes were installed. The probes measure waters’ pH, conductivity and temperature. This basic parameters allows to estimate roughly if the water is contaminated.

The boat has got three control modes: manual, aided and automatic. In the aided mode user sets speed and heading with the console. The heading is maintained with the gyroscope measurements. The heading and speed amendments are introduced through the console. During the automatic mode the boat swims across programmed points which are chosen with a PC application or manually on the basin and performs the measurements. This mode can be executed event without radio connection. Heading corrections are calculated from GPS and gyroscope measurements.

The control console presents in real time boat battery charge level, actual position, power consumption and measurements results. After PC connection and running PC application it is possible to observe on a map actual position. Application can be used to chose and enter measurement routes and read saved measurements.