73 Canal Street, New York, NY

Technical consulting

Analysis of projects and ideas, feasibility study, assistance with conformity assessment procedure

Electronic design services

Integrated design services – from conception to finished product

Software development

C/C++ firmware development for electronic equipment, mobile applications and solutions

Experienced team

Engineers with experience gained in the implementation of numerous projects

Fast execution

Short lead times, immediate response to inquiries

Advanced solutions

Advanced and tried-and-true solutions without shortcuts


We always transfer copyrights to our clients

Electrical schematics design

Electrical schematics design based on technical specifications and functional requirements

Electronic equipment manufacturing

Prototype and small-scale assembly of electronic equipment

Printed circuit board design

Printed circuit board design based on electrical schematics and technical requirements

Who are we

We design electronics tailored to individual client needs. We specialize in the following areas: IoT – Internet of Things, measurement systems, embedded systems. We create solutions for start-ups and industry.

Electronics designing

Electronics designing is a multistage process. It includes device specification definition, preliminary design and prototyping. Prototype tests enables possibility to implement amendments and deployment to production.


Completed projects

We have completed projects in fields of remote measurements and control, Internet of Things and many others